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6 Great Ways Students get things FREE in the UK

Many newbies coming to the UK for the first time do not know that there are many ways to get course materials and other items FREE. You can get televisions, laptops, Hifi sets, chairs, and other white goods free if you know where to look. Here are six excellent tips to get things virtually free …

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10 essential bits of FREE software for International students

There are tons of excellent bits of FREE software packages out there that will be very useful for you when you arrive. I’ve used some of them and thought I’d share them. You can’t go wrong with these useful software packages. They are completely free and I suggest you check them out when you arrive.   …

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10 Money saving tips for International students – Newbies

There are many ways you can save money in the united kingdom as an international student. Some of the tips are simply common sense, but some are worth remembering as it could save you loads of cash. We all could do with saving some money! So I have collated 9 great tips to help you …

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6 Money-saving cards International students know about

After you arrive the UK as an international student, the next important and financially pertinent question is how can I travel around the UK at minimal cost. Trust me, you want to save money in anyway possible – No matter how small.  These are the six money- saving cards all international students should know about: …

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5 Things You’ll Need to work as a student in the UK

Working part time ( or full time)  as an international student is a great way to gain significant work experience and relieve financial pressure. Over 80% of international students work while studying in the UK to ease financial strain. The experience you gain from working could be added to your CV – I mean the …

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