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5 Vital UK Health information you should know

Diseases and Health matters are not to be taken lightly as health is wealth. The UK is a healthy place to live and the health care system is quite robust. However, as an international student  you must understand how the UK Health care system works. It has a nationally funded  Service – called the NHS …

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7 Things to do before your planes lands and once you alight at a UK International Airport

As I mentioned in my previous post, I learnt many things on my first flight to England as an international  student. I learnt a few things before the plane landed and even after I arrived at the airport. If you are travelling to the UK by air, you will arrive at one of London’s main international …

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10 essential bits of FREE software for International students

There are tons of excellent bits of FREE software packages out there that will be very useful for you when you arrive. I’ve used some of them and thought I’d share them. You can’t go wrong with these useful software packages. They are completely free and I suggest you check them out when you arrive.   …

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First time to the UK? 5 things you should do before heading for the Airport

I still remember my first flight to England. It’s been many years now but it still seems like yesterday. I was so excited to know  I was actually leaving home to fulfill my dreams. My beloved sister accompanied me to the Airport and she even joined me in carrying my bags. It was the first …

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10 Money saving tips for International students – Newbies

There are many ways you can save money in the united kingdom as an international student. Some of the tips are simply common sense, but some are worth remembering as it could save you loads of cash. We all could do with saving some money! So I have collated 9 great tips to help you …

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4 Things International students should know about Driving in the UK

International students who are used to driving in their home country often want to know about owning a car in the UK. They are quick to ask if they can drive in the UK with a Foreign or non-British licence? The answer is Yes. However,  there are a few things I think you should know …

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7 things to bring with you when coming to the UK for the First time

One question international students usually ask is ”what things should I bring along with me when coming to the UK for the first time?” This is a very good question, So I’ve written this post for you. As a general rule don’t bring too much.You will buy more things when you arrive the UK. However, …

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7 Good reasons why you should study in the UK

Why Study in the UK? This was one question I asked myself many years ago before filling my first application form. And I have never regretted it. I am Nigerian by Birth and it took me a while before making my mind up. I had offers from some top universities in Europe where the tuition …

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8 reasons why a UK Masters Degree may not be for you.

Why Masters Study? Studying for a Masters degree abroad ( or a PhD) takes time, money and commitment. It is hard work and not a decision to be taken lightly. Before you make a decision to study overseas you must have a clear understanding of your career motives and how the degree will help you …

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