About me – My university degree changed my life!

Welcome to the international scholarship guide – the number one scholarship site for international students!  Everything on this site is completely free. It is an online free scholarship resource  for international students who want to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom.  My name is Osas and I am the guy behind this site. I am here to help you as money is extremely tight for everyone right now. To be honest studying abroad could be quite daunting when you consider the amount  you would need for tuition , living and maintenance costs. Getting a student visa and the immigration requirements you would need to satisfy can sometimes be frustrating for applicants from developing countries.

I  remember many years ago when I was desperately seeking for a university scholarship but didn’t know where to look. Nobody understood how much I wanted to travel abroad for my postgraduate studies. I eventually secured a £1000 pounds scholarship  at one of the top UK universities. I still remember my parents doing all they could to help towards my tuition and maintenance costs. Today the rest is history. I finished at the top of my class at end of my postgraduate studies and secured a job in one of the leading firms in the UK. I am not rich but I can say I’m comfortable. My Masters degree certainly changed my life!

One of the joy of studying in the UK is that you can work while you study. It is also an opportunity for you to improve your English language skills. Well, In hindsight I regret not having enough information on the amount of scholarships out there that are available to international students. If only I knew where to look back then! I surely would have paid less for my postgraduate studies. If only I knew about some money saving tips. I certainly would have saved more during my university days. This is why I created this website. Everything is completely free! Please share anything you find useful on this site with your friends!

The intent of this Site

  • This website exist to inform international applicants of universities in the UK that offer full-time scholarship or some sort of financial aid.
  • All information on this site is free as it  was not made for making money.
  • I can assure you that there are loads of scholarship available to international students of all nationalities. If I can help you in some way, my joy would be fulfilled as it takes time and energy to keep updating the scholarships every year as they are rolled out by the various universities.
  • This website exist for international students to share their experiences
  • To provide reliable, informative and organized information and news about international students scholarships in the UK.

Funding has always been an issue for applicants from developing countries . Knowing that you are somewhat delayed from achieving your dreams because you do not have the money can be painful and heart breaking. But at the end of the day it all comes down to information and knowing where to find help. It is my hope that you find something useful in this site and I intend to respond to emails as soon as I can. Please do not give anyone money to help you find a scholarship or bursary. Instead use the links on this site to acquaint yourself with the scholarships that are available in Britain.  If you need help on the things to consider before applying to study in the UK, please click here for my free advice!

Finally, there are many universities in the world. The one you attend matters  as the reputation of a university can be the difference between what separates you from another graduate with the same degree.  According to the Times Higher Education ( a British Magazine), check out the video for the top 10 universities in the world for 2012.

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